Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kona 2013: Swinging for the Green Grass

I need to reap the harvest of that great green grass
But it’s on the other side and need to bridge that pass
In the end it’s what you sow that you’ll reap
So I have been putting in the effort but I keep
Waiting for that breakthrough that hasn’t come
Like the freezing grass hoping for the morning sun
That touches grass like skin by a surgeon’s knife
Turns it a deep shade of green and brings new life
Wanting to see performance jump through the roof
But so far I haven’t shown a whole lot of proof
That would demonstrate that I’ve got it in me
Keeping faith in the harvest though I can’t yet see
The reaping of green grass, and the performance that follows
Swinging for the fences, feels like I’m swinging from gallows
Faith and hope make me think that I’ll make it
But the facts are facts and dreaming can’t fake it
Believing I can do it won’t bring it to pass
Reality can be a total pain in the grass
Cause it’s always greener on the other side
And from here to there the gap’s pretty wide

I hope to have a breakthrough race this Saturday

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kona 2013

Kona's calling us to its fight
Whispering its song day and night
Listen to its pide piper tune
Leading us back it's coming soon
Hopes and dreams will either rise or fall
As we march to the beat of Konas call

Last year here in Kona I had my worste triathlon performance of my life, I had a typically bad swim but my bike and run were horrible HORRIBLE! Much slower than my first year here. I am back to hopefully reverse that and have my best triathlon performance this year.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ironman CDA

“I swam a little slower than I expected too.”  It’s funny, that’s what I say about all my races so I guess I need to adjust my swim expectations. 
I took things pretty easy on the bike.  My average heart rate for the bike was 144, which is lower than normal.  I was hoping that I could bust out a 3 hour marathon if I wasn’t too tired after the bike. 
I had adjusted my running coming into this race I reduced my weekly miles down to 23-30 a week and my weekly long run was only 13 miles.  I also increased my speed doing about 5-10 miles at 5:27 pace and 5-10 miles at 6:00 pace.  I had heard about some people who had success reducing volume and increasing intensity.  I hoped that the increased speed would more than compensate for the decreased volume.  This race was my test to see how it worked.  The first miles of the marathon felt easy, 7:00 minute miles were effortless.  But it got harder and harder and I completely fell apart toward the end of the marathon.  My quads hurt worse than they have ever felt in previous races, I really wanted to walk.  I am very disappointed in my run time.  I think I will probably go back to doing a longer long run each week.

My swim was a little slower than I wanted, My bike was a little slower than I wanted and run was a lot slower than I wanted. But looking at the big picture I feel very lucky to be able to do these races.  

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I came to reach the summit
I came that mount to climb
I came to plant my flag on top
and make that mountain Mine
But Ive lost I’ve failed I haven’t won
My dreams are facing a setting sun
I’ve come up short in this race I’ve run
My tasks left short my goals not done

Friday, May 3, 2013

What is possible

What is possible she asked with a grin
What can I do with this life I’m given
How high can I climb, How strong can I get
Can I crawl, walk, run or even fly like a jet
Is there anything at all in this world I cannot do
I heard “anything is possible”, Dad is this true?

What is possible? I don't know.  Is anything possible, No, (for example I cannot run faster than the speed of light) but I think a lot more is possible than most people think.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Good, Better, Best. What Is Important?

Every man must choose his fight

He must choose if his battle is right
Is the war he wages worth the cost
Does what he gains overcome what’s lost
For every battle requires a toll
Is that price justified by the goal
The Mans sole focus on his conquest
Is that pursuit good, better or is it Best
Does his battle lift and benefit his neighbor
Or does his war require more selfish behavior
Does the battle he fights bring joy to a strangers heart
Or does he struggle for himself to be on top of every chart
Is the battle good, better or is it best
Does he spend his time on a pure conquest
Is the battle the Best, is it Right
Is it the best use of his focused fight

I thought up this poem after 6 hours of great instruction today. My focus on the best and most important things needs to improve. I need to make my most important battles be on the things that have lasting consequences, I spend to much effort on the good things and not enough on the best things.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Glenn Stucki TRIATHLETE!

Glen did great in the Icebreaker Triathlon today, I believe he went at it harder than anyone else in the race, I feel lucky to have such an amazing friend, I dedicate this poem to Glenn Stucki

What is it that defines and constitutes a champion
Is it races, coast to coast all over the map, he’s won
Is the real hero the one crossing the line first
Is he the biggest, strongest with the fastest burst
Each of us has our own reality we face
We each have our own individual race
The greatest performance sometimes out of the lime light
Few recognize the nature of the true champion’s might
But I have witnessed the Heart of a great man
Pushing harder and showing everyone “yes I can”
I saw someone today who defines a true champion
Glenn has races all over the face of life’s map he’s won

Great job today Glenn amazing